R4R Video Tutorials

Use our short video tutorials to reinforce your knowledge of administering intramuscular injections in the mental health setting and using rating scales for schizophrenia and depression.

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R4R Intramuscular (IM) Injection Video Tutorial

Consolidate your knowledge of techniques to administer IM injections at different sites. Please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics of the medicine you are administering to confirm the licenced injection site(s) for that product.


R4R Rating Scales
Video Tutorial

Reinforce your knowledge on using and scoring the Glasgow Antipsychotic Side Effect Scale (GASS) and the Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS).


Video Tutorial 

Learn more about the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) rating scale for assessing depression and how it can help you make evidence-based decisions about patient’s care.


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Date of preparation: February 2019

Item code: PHGB/MEDed/0418/0005a